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Reading Without Walls: Chatting with Derek Kirk Kim

Reading Without Walls: Chatting with Derek Kirk Kim

In his second podcast, Gene Yang sits down with Derek Kirk Kim. Derek is a writer, artist, and filmmaker — and the lead character designer on Adventure Time.

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The Crossover: Meet Poet Kwame Alexander

The Crossover: Meet Poet Kwame Alexander

Listen in as Alexander reads excerpts from The Crossover — his basketball-concrete poetry-hiphop mashup and 2015 Newbery Medal award winner.

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 Writing an Argument

Writing an Argument

Watch students hone their skills in writing an argument by working to refute or defend a complex prompt provided by their teacher.

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Booklist: Poetry Starting Points

Booklist: Stories About All Kinds of Families

April is National Poetry Month. Here are some books that will serve as great poetry starting points.

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History Makers: Our Interview with Deborah Hopkinson

History Makers

Deborah Hopkinson's books combine attention to small details with a presentation — text, illustration, and photographs — that engage young people with history.

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Featured Strategy

Classroom Strategy: Inferential Reading

Teaching students to "read inferentially" helps them learn how to read more strategically. This technique is derived from the teaching model that learners develop knowledge via the process of interpreting new information in light of past experiences and rethinking past knowledge based on new information.
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Featured Resource

Find Hundreds of Expert-Approved Apps for Your Students

For everything from attention issues in grade school to reading issues in high school, use the newly upgraded Tech Finder from — find the right technology to help your students thrive at home and in the classroom.
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Featured Glossary Term


A letter or letter combination that spells a single phoneme. In English, a grapheme may be one, two, three, or four letters, such as e, ei, igh, or eigh.
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School Matters:
A blog by Karin Chenoweth

Some Educators Have the Know-How to Turn Schools Around: One High School's Story

There was a rich story to be told about Artesia High School, so I traveled to Los Angeles to see it for myself.
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Research & News

The Power of Reading Aloud in Middle School Classrooms

Language arts teacher Timothy Dolan shares how taking the time to read to his students became a cornerstone of his teaching.
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How I Use Comic Books as a Learning Tool in My Social Studies Classrooms

Comic books and graphic novels are powerful vehicles to engage students in both history and current events.
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